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Created for you, your patients, and your practice.

Simplifying Diagnostic Healthcare

Helping Over 
 physician offices
CMT is the only healthcare services company that is singularly focused on molecular diagnostic patient access. We are the market leader and perform over 20,000 prior authorizations each month. Our dedicated team has robust experience and knowledge and will provide the highest quality service to you and your customers.


CMT offers a secure HIPAA compliance portal for all transactions and completes the Prior Authorization process on behalf of the physicians office.


Quick, easy, one-time enrollment with our specialist team.


CMT submits all prior authorizations for laboratory diagnostic testing in a timely manner working with the payors, giving you more time to spend on your patients care.

Our Attention To Security =  
Trust & Confidence
That Your Patients' PHI is Protected

CMT Solutions received a SOC 2® examination report from an independent auditor, summarizing that our systems and controls achieved SOC 2® criteria: based on security, privacy, process, integrity, confidentiality, and availability.


SOC 2® Type 2, providing the highest data security environment to protect all of our customers’ data.

Enroll Your Practice

CMT users proprietary rapid-action technology to streamline the PA process by connecting all providers, labs, and payors with a single submission for faster results and reduced test abandonment.

We offer prior authorizations, benefits investigation, notifications, genetic counseling, and more to help your patients get the care they need.

Prior Authorization

CMT provides prior authorization services and assists with documentation through a technological solution combined with a dedicated team of specialist that can handle a wide range of cases varying in complexity

Benefits Investigation

CMT will thoroughly investigate your patient’s benefits with our specialist team. We will help maximize patients benefits, overcome barriers, and ultimately increase the efficiency and speed of lab determination for testing.


CMT will call directly the patient or physician and inform the coverage benefits and what the potential out of pocket expense would be for a given test

Genetic Counseling

CMT helps to facilitate genetic counseling when it is needed prior to testing. This service is provided through a secure third party that will:
- Educate
- Collect family history
- Answer questions about genetic testing

Loved by 20+ laboratories across the United States.

CMT Solutions is teamed up with the top laboratories to provide prior authorizations for their patients. We worked together to cut time and give patients access to their care quickly and efficiently.


"CMT has been a phenomenal help to our practices…. It is a huge relief!"

Regional Director, Texas

“It’s been a life saver. It was a lot of work for the nurses... probably at least two hours a week... It’s been very helpful to have CMT involved."

Physician Office Manager, MA

“CMT has been a huge time saver for us."

Physician Office Director, VA