CMT Solutions Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness in October


The employees at CMT Solutions took time to support the breast cancer community and each other by raising awareness about the disease, it’s reach and impact.

There are many of us who have been affected by breast cancer, whether it is knowing someone who has fought the disease, being diagnosed ourselves, or being active in the prevention and screening awareness. Early detection can protect ourselves from breast cancer. Stage 0 and Stage 1 breast cancer have over a 99% 5-year survival rate. Everyone should assess their own personal risk of breast cancer. If you have had a family member that had a certain type of cancer, you may have an elevated risk for yourself. Have a conversation with your healthcare provider, and if your risk is elevated especially, consider diagnostic testing to assess your risk.

Here at CMT, we work with physicians and laboratories who order and perform diagnostic testing for breast cancer and oncology. We recognize the importance of this test to patients, their family, and the community. We will continue to perform our jobs at the highest level of service and dedication to our partners and clients.