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CMT Celebrates Women’s History Month

For Women’s History Month, we are celebrating one of CMT Solutions first women to join the company! Lynda Bernard, joined us 2 years ago today as the Director of Operations for CMT Solutions. She’s a leader in her field with nearly 20 years of experience in Revenue Cycle & Reimbursement Management, focused exclusively in healthcare.  Lynda’s concentrations are in GYN care, Clinical, Diagnostic/ Genetic & Molecular Labs.  Previous to her position at CMT, she served as Operations Manager at Amerisource Bergen (Lash Group)  for Revenue Cycle/ Diagnostic Hub Services.

Lynda and two other women standing together, arms over each other.
Lynda and Team

Outside of work, Lynda devotes a significant amount of her time to  philanthropic work by serving as Co-Founder to Project St., an international non- profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of communities in Camp Perrin, Haiti.  Lynda and her team have been providing nutritional, financial, and educational support to thousands of families since 2008.  She has lead several missions to Haiti, and her organization has provided relief to thousands in times of natural disasters.  Today she and her team are focused on their  educational program, and the start of construction of their elementary school, to continue an avenue of advancement for their children. Lynda strongly believes that equipping the less fortunate will positively change the dynamics of their lives, and that of their communities.  She is passionate about giving back, and treating all with dignity.  She believes that access to education is key.  Aside from her family this is one of Lynda’s greatest joys, and her utmost wish is to one day remove the need for charity in the lives of families in the first place. To learn more about Lynda’s charitable work, please visit:

Happy 2 year anniversary Lynda!

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