CMT is partnered with the leading laboratories to help you and your customers.

We have a technological enabled solution that can be customized to meet your needs.

CMT is the only healthcare services company that is singularly focused on molecular diagnostic patient access. Our services continually expand to grow with the industry, we are your full-service provider for laboratory patient access.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Laboratory

1What is CMT Solutions?
CMT Solutions is a healthcare services company that has developed a proprietary technology solution that provides prior authorization support and comprehensive services that helps reduce barriers to access, so that you can focus on your patient’s care.
2What payors does CMT Solutions work with?
CMT Solutions has the ability to work with almost all payors such as UnitedHeathCare, BCBS, Harvard, Carefirst, and laboratory benefit managers (LBMs) such as AIM, Beacon, Evicore, Availity, and Avalon. Your CMT Solutions account representative can give you the specific payors that require prior authorizations for genetic testing.
3What tests does CMT Solutions perform the PA for?
CMT Solutions has the ability to perform PA for complex genetic testing. We have expertise in Prenatal, Hereditary Cancer, Oncology, Thyroid, and Mental Health. We also perform the prior authorizations for rare genetic testing with our expertly trained specialist team.
4How do you handle the flow of information from our laboratory to the CMT Solutions platform?
We can securely handle the flow of information from your laboratory into our proprietary platform in many different ways. The CMT and Laboratory IT teams will decide on a file transfer method, from the following: • CSV File to include Box or SFTP • API • HL-7 • Input directly from the lab into the CMT portal

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