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Frequently Asked Questions from the Physician Office

1Is using CMT Solutions for Prior Authorizations HIPAA compliant?
Yes, enrolling with CMT for prior authorizations is HIPAA compliant. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is required at enrollment to establish a relationship with a HIPAA covered entity (e.g. a clinician’s practice) to ensure the security of the covered entity’s data assets. Prior authorization servicing requires access to Protected Health Information (PHI) and having a BAA with CMT Solutions helps ensure security and overall HIPAA compliance.
2How will enrolling with CMT Solutions change our Prior Authorizations process?
Enrolling with CMT Solutions will take the burden off of your office from having to process the prior authorizations for genetic laboratory testing. The enrollment process requires three basic steps for a clinician office: 1) complete the online enrollment form at covermytest.com, 2) complete the CMT HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and Provider Authorization Agreement, and 3) provide the necessary payor credentials to CMT. Once the enrollment process is completed no additional action is needed. Your office will conduct business as usual, focusing on your patient’s care, and prior authorization servicing with CMT Solutions will be working on your behalf.
3Can I enroll as a practice or will I have to enroll each provider individually?
CMT Solutions can enroll entire practices and will capture all the providers who order genetic testing under each practice. We will look to capture the NPI of each physician, NP/PA, Genetic counselor and that can be stored under an overall clinic name.
4How will enrolling with CMT Solutions change the ordering process?
Enrolling with CMT Solutions will not change the workflow of how your order or receive the results of genetic testing from your chosen laboratory. You will continue to send the requisition and samples to the laboratory, and from there, the laboratory will coordinate with CMT Solutions for the prior authorization. You can also see the status of the prior authorization by logging into the CMT portal at any point in the prior authorization process.

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