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Activating Precision Medicine

We provide solutions for physicians and laboratories to help patients receive essential care.

We offer prior authorizations, benefits investigation, notifications, genetic counseling, and more to help your patients get the care they need.

prior authorization solution for physicians and laboratories

Prior Authorization

CMT provides prior authorization services and assists with documentation through a technological solution combined with a dedicated team of specialist that can handle a wide range of cases varying in complexity

benefits investigations solution for physicians and laboratories

Benefits Investigation

CMT will thoroughly investigate your patient’s benefits with our specialist team. We will help maximize patients benefits, overcome barriers, and ultimately increase the efficiency and speed of lab determination for testing.

notifications solution for physicians and laboratories


CMT will call the patient or physician directly and inform them of coverage benefits and what the potential out of pocket expense would be for a given test

genetic counseling solution for physicians and laboratories

Genetic Counseling

CMT helps to facilitate genetic counseling when it is needed prior to testing. This service is provided through a secure third party that will:
- Educate
- Collect family history
- Answer questions about genetic testing