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Physician Benefits

Improving patient access to care

Group of unknown doctors use a computer tablet to check physician benefit records, while standing in a sunny hospital office.

Our single access portal that will give your office visibility into the cases CMT is processing; you can see payers and tests from your laboratories all in one view. Our portal is easy to access and view, decreasing the complexity of paperwork for the office, truly a physician benefit.

Through a single one-time enrollment, CMT eliminates the manual faxes, phone calls, and complex portal submissions your staff face for laboratory prior authorizations.

We partner with a high number of laboratories and can handle complex payor portals, to be a single solution for physician offices

With CMT, we submit the PAs quickly and efficiently, saving your staff & practice hours of time each week on administrative tasks for laboratory testing.

Enrollment Process

CMT and provider introduction - complete enrollment information.
Sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Physician Authorization.
CMT Internal Process
Coordination of payor information for CMT to verify.
Lab and provider notified of completed agreement.
Providers office is identified and activated. CMT Solutions begins providing better access for your patients' care.

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See how our proprietary solutions for laboratories
and physicians can: