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Thyroid Awareness Month 2021

It’s easy to think our energy levels, weight, and temperature are all within our control, but there’s one gland that governs our bodies’ functions above all: the thyroid. January is Thyroid Awareness Month, so we’ve gathered a few facts about the organ that is an essential part of the endocrine system, and how its malfunction affects millions of Americans.

To put it simply

The thyroid is a small gland at the base of the neck that releases hormones; these hormones regulate body functions such as:

List of body functions affected by the thyroid: heart rate, central nervous system, cholesterol levels, menstrual cycles, breathing, body temperature, body weight, muscle strength

Because the hormones produced by the thyroid reach almost every human cell, an under- or over-active thyroid can lead to symptoms that affect quality of life. There are 5 main conditions associated with the thyroid:

By the numbers

The good news

There’s a test for that! There are actually several tests: TSH, T3 by RIA, T4 by RIA, TBG, TRH, TPO, and Iodine uptake scans are the standard assessments doctors use to determine a clear picture of thyroid health. Additionally, screening of newborns for congenital hypothyroidism is now mandatory in all 50 states, and the practice of such has led to improved developmental outcomes in adults.

Here at CMT Solutions, we work with physicians and laboratories who order and perform diagnostic testing for the thyroid and endocrine system, such as Interpace Biosciences. They have developed tests that detect cancer at the DNA level and increase preoperative diagnostic accuracy. When nodule biopsies return as “indeterminate,” molecular diagnostic tests can provide additional risk information removing, the need for surgery. Interpace Diagnostics is committed to providing molecular tests that can resolve diagnostic uncertainty, helping to enhance patient care and outcomes,” says Greg Richard, Chief Commercial Officer of Interpace Diagnostics. We recognize the importance of these tests to patients, families, and communities, and look forward to continuing the partnerships that make patient care possible.

For more information, visit the American Thyroid Association.

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